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letion "">high quality molded of the project, which can realize an annual output value 25 million yuan, the profit is 3 million yuan, tax 1.2 million yuan.Method of cooperation: joint ventures or cooperative joint venture for 25 years.Our investment of 12.7 million yuan, accounting for 51%;The foreign investment of 12.3 million yuan, accounting for 49%. The project content: the quality of "20151029xrd" graphite is the preparation of high performance lithium ion battery electrode materials, but as the electrode material of graphite powder should have narrow particle size distribution, the density of Gao Zhenshi and achieved through surface cladding processing charge and discharge performance.Tsinghua university carbon material laboratory graphite and powder engineering laboratory at the national ministry of science and technology action plan with the support of the western science and technology, research and development molded graphite suppliers of high performance lithium ion battery with the preparation technology of compound graphite powder, and through identification of acceptance, reached the international advanced level.This project by natural graphite as raw materials, processing process by crushing, grading, plastic, surface coating, etc, all equipment localization.Market analysis forecast: import lithium ion battery sale.html"> anode materials are using spherical fossil ink, Japan, South Korea and other related enterprises are gradually in China for supply of goods.Lithium ion battery is mainly used for electric bicycles, electric cars, mobile phones, portable audio-visual equipment, etc.Our country is graphite production country, molded graphite abundant reserves and resources, improve the added value, replace imported has very important significance.Total investment: tsinghua university and cooperation enterprises jointly developed graphite plastic machine as well as single machine production, can also be used with grading unit into a system for continuous operation, low power consumption, industrial production has been proved that the production of spherical graphite powder performance <a href=" is good, h

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put of 2500 tons of isostatic pressing graphite superfine structure project smoothly passed through the district environmental protection bureau environmental protection completion inspection and acceptance of the organization.Roland graphite project with a total investment of $30 million, construction began in March 2006, in May china graphite 2008, after debugging normal formal china graphite supplier application completion inspection and acceptance of environmental protection, environmental protection in chongqing online public "20151026xrd" five days without objection, the district environmental protection bureau recently issued formal approval of completion inspection and acceptance of environmental protection. On June 10, the world's largest carbon graphite graphite suppliers and related materials suppliers to west Germany in group and shanxi institute of coal chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences scholarship research assistant formally signed cooperation agreement.According to the agreement, the west in the group paid a year to reward the shanxi MeiHuaSuo six excellent doctoral and master's, and support of shanxi MeiHuaSuo recommended three research projects related to carbon graphite material.Shanxi MeiHuaSuo, Chinese academy of sciences, key laboratory of carbon materials as one of the earliest institutions engaged in research and development of new carbon materials in China, has been in the domestic high performance carbon fibers and carbon matrix composites, porous carbonaceous materials and the basic research and application development of nano carbon materials play an important role.Both sides hope that through the establishment of the scholarship research assistant gold, give full play to the advantages of cooperation by enterprises, support for training professional talents, accelerate the innovation of new carbon materials research and development together. Stanford university chemistry professor hongjie dai graphite nanobelts and research leadership team, the first to prove it can be used as a semiconductor material plan.News agency on May 29 According to the

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ber 2005, Inner Mongolia autonomous region of taking article "about issued 2005 annual project plan descriptions of the geological relics and mine geological environment governance notice (inside the word [2005] no. 852), selected and selected deposition in the history china graphite of the downstream xinghe county graphite mine backfilling materials in farmland recovery management.Graphite mining area geological environment restoration, the government project implementation to improve the regional enterprises and the production and living of the masses will have important environmental benefits, social benefits and economic effect La shan left flag yan latour exploration areas since the geological exploration work, geological remarkable achievements.By the end of September 2009, found that the graphite ore body thickness is more than 66 metres, fixed carbon highest grade is 8.65%, the average grade of 4.68%, capacity of 42 million tons, graphite ore prospecting prediction capacity of 2.1 million tons, mineral prospect resource in more than 100 million tons, is expected to be a large crystal graphite ore deposit.Found kaolin mining, control the length of 500 meters, the thickness of about 20 meters, the exploration that kaolin ore resource in more than 100 tons.??In 2005, a la shan au your mountain mining limited liability company to entrust eighth of geology and mineral resources exploration development, Inner Mongolia autonomous region in a la shan left flag yan to latour region of iron, manganese, graphite, kaolin mining "20151019xrd" geological exploration.In recent years, through graphite supplier unremitting efforts, in 2008 started to iron ore geological china graphite supplier detailed investigation work, found in the deep drilling in 2009 a graphite mineralization clues, found in the work area at the same time accompanying kaolin ore, the ore can do China clay raw materials, and have got the approval of ningxia ceramic tile manufacturers. Sponsored by the American chemical society "Nano Letters" the authority of the nanomaterials science magazine recently published th

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ture graphite material suppliers is the electronic transmission speed, also has the very high chemical stability and thermal stability, and is expected to replace silicon is widely used in electronic product manufacturing process.Southwest university of science and technology of materials science and engineering college, experts say, based on graphene circuit until after 2025 May appear, before this silicon circuits will be dominant, but the outlook graphite machining services is optimistic, because the edge of the graphene piece size there is no limit to the basic.Expert says, in just 10 years ago, the length of the carbon nanotubes for less than 1 micron, can now be made out of a few centimeters long nanotubes.Predictably, the same result will also appear on the graphene. A few days ago, the department of energy's oak ridge national laboratory (ORNL) researchers have invented a process called graphite foaming technology.Because the expanded graphite has good heat dissipation, relative density, low quality, and production cost is not high, the market prospects look good.According to introducing, the use of this technology can obtain graphite foam.This material has good heat "20151012xrd" resistance, can be used for cooling led lights, which can effectively control the heat, so as to extend the life.In addition, the technology can also be used in construction, air conditioning equipment china graphite and automotive and other industries.Application of expanded graphite material made of automobile engine piston, cylinder block, etc., quality is light, compared with metallic materials can reduce 40% quality, good heat dissipation, which can effectively increase engine power output, improve work efficiency. On September 13 - Hong Kong media reported that the Russian aluminum (486) announced that the company indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary party (prices, information, comments) TH on September 10 and Energoprom Management (seller) to conclude the two contracts.Which, according to the graphitized carbon product purchase agreement, party TH at up to 216.9 million roubles ($7.45 million), to buy

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the graphene, China baoan "sit" on the drop list first.?Nobel Prize out of the "carbon" aristocratIf it is not a Nobel Prize, maybe they don't think about, we usually in graphite machining services pencils, "live" graphene such bright "star".For most people, the graphene may not be familiar with.Last year's Nobel Prize in physics are awarded to the two British physicist of graphene, make its reputation.?The royal Swedish academy of sciences said that graphene will promote the research of new materials, and sparked a new revolution in electronic products.Because it's basically a transparent, and has excellent electrical conductivity, graphene is transparent for the production of touch screen, light display, or solar cells.As a new kind of "super material", graphene can be used in the manufacture of satellites, airplanes, cars, and applied to the super computer research and development.Have scientists predict that graphene can take the place of the existing material silicon transistor, the computer run faster.?However, this is all scientific vision of graphene.?For China baoan in graphene products, the researcher thinks, China baoan is the earliest in the listed companies to disclose graphite material suppliers the graphene related information, it also shows that the company have confidence in this "20151006xrd" area, but the current downstream market has not yet been launched, so the company's current actions tend to through the research into a head.?Many researchers believe that graphene research and development prospects, but at the moment the graphene is limited to scientific research and application of short term is difficult to form large-scale industry, production, sales in the future is china graphite for sale full of uncertainties, the xrd graphite manufacturing need to have a long road of scientific research to go.This will also destined to graphene stocks hype unsustainable.?China baoan people at the meeting said that the graphene is a frontier of materials, the current research and development in the pilot phase, from research to production still needs a lot of time, particularly for the downstream market driven and carri

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phite industrial park surrounded by a variable is the heilongjiang electric power company to implement the focus of the power grid planning project, the period of "11th five-year plan" put into operation in November 2008.The substation 110 kv ring YunJia graphite suppliers b line double circuit transmission to 110 kv Laura north yunshan change, change from yunshan with the article 7 of 10 kv line supply graphite industrial park, and in the later spent nearly 40 million yuan in succession to upgrade the power supply facilities, always ensure that graphite industrial park power supply "20150928xrd" requirements.The hegang newly introduced shenzhen baoan group's Mr Terry graphite machining graphite deep processing project for the construction of new energy materials company investment, mainly on anode materials for lithium ion battery production line, graphite recarburizer production line and ancillary facilities.In October 2011, completed the first phase of investment in fixed assets of 80 million yuan, all projects completed and put into operation in October 2013.On this basis, china graphite the company will invest 1.5 billion yuan, create world-class graphite deep processing base in the region.Laura north of the south China sea by China resources development group graphite project investment of 120 million yuan, after the completion of annual capacity of 10000 tons of spherical graphite, special graphite alloy increased 30000 tons of carbon agent.Is expected in October 2011 the moon shape graphite deep processing project completed and put into production.With graphite city "" China speed up the pace of construction, especially in shenzhen baoan and Laura north of the south China sea two starts and put into production, deep processing of hegang power continuously strengthen the power of" China graphite city "capacity building.Currently in 110 kv yunshan of hegang power, on the basis of the original power supply, the increase of article 7 of 10 kv line will be completed in the near future, then from 14 "power artery" rolling of powerful power will continue to supply the demand of

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ility increase greatly.From the industry background, both offering investment project have obvious import substitution effect, and belongs to the field of new materials in strategic emerging industries.Special graphite as possess many excellent properties of basic material, is widely used in semiconductor, solar photovoltaic, edm and mould processing, nuclear power, metallurgy, aerospace, and "20150924xrd" many other fields, the current domestic special graphite market supply, especially in the more than 600 mm diameter, particle size under 10 microns of high-end products mainly rely on graphite manufacturers foreign imports.In the future, the special graphite market demand will increase fast, especially the large size, fine-grained special graphite will graphite suppliers have good market prospects.And the high quality needle coke is the main raw materials, ultra high power graphite electrode at present our country is still mainly rely on import, high cost and the supply is not stable, not only seriously restricts the domestic production of ultra high power graphite electrode, has also led to the steel industry was forced to bear the cost of higher procurement from abroad large proportion of uhp graphite electrodes.In the future, the proportion of electric steel iron and steel industry in China will gradually increase, especially large high power steelmaking furnace will significantly increase, the demand for ultra high power graphite electrode is expected to rapid growth, china graphite the corresponding demand for high quality needle coke will also continue to increase.In addition, the company believes investment needle coke project also helps to solve their own raw material supply bottlenecks.At present, the company each year to nearly 100000 tons, the demand for needle coke due to supply is unstable, restricted the company ultra high power graphite electrode production, also directly affect the profitability.According to introducing, 30000 tons/year special graphite manufacturing and processing projects settled in chengdu, sichuan province, the company is a wholly owned subsidi