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rward the possible physical mechanism of this phenomenon.In addition, the researchers of graphene/field emission properties of tin dioxide composite material was studied, the results showed that graphene can improve the field emission properties of tin oxide nanomaterials.Related research results were published in the American association graphite machining of Physics Applied Physics Letters (99, 2011, 163103 and 99, 2011173, 104) and the American chemical society ACS Applied materials & Interfaces. According to the "popular science" web site reported recently, American scientists at rensselaer polytechnic institute latest developed a dainty, cheap and can be repeated using the new sensor, its made of graphene foam performance far exceeds the commercial gas sensors available in the market now, and, in the near future, scientists have been able to on this basis to develop more excellent bomb detectors and environmental sensors.The new sensor abandoned the graphite for sale graphite suppliers stop sensor limitations of application and development.In recent years, the nano structure and its manufacturing operation performance excellence detector to accurately track the chemicals in the air, scientists have made significant progress, however, they developed a variety of sensors, although in theory is very good, but not practical.At present the design of the sensor is very graphite manufacturers complex, often rely on a single nanostructures, and scientists need to carefully on this structure for operation and more accurate analysis.In addition, make the sensor can not be reused, and must be under a specific temperature or pressure to work, as a result, scientists have been did not create a reliable, inexpensive and can be repeated use of hand-held sensing devices.Now, at rensselaer polytechnic institute scientists using graphene bubble sizes of new sensors developed the stamps.They will graphene, namely the monolayer of carbon atoms, planting on nickel foam structure, then remove the foam nickel, leave a similar bubble structure of graphene, it has a unique electrical, can be used to perform sensing tasks.When exposed to air, the particles in the air will be absorbed to the surface of a bubble, and each such particles can affect china graphite the graphene bubble graphite sales in a different way, for minor changes its resistance.Let electricity pass through them and measuring the resistance change, you can know what is dependent on bubble particles.Scientists had about 100 ma of current through the bubble, the results show that the graphene bubble can lead to particle desorption, that is to say, the particles automatic peeling off from the sensor, remove the particles, the sensor can be repeated use.Scientists of sensor for fine-tuning, let it to detect ammonia (key elements of homemade explosives ammonia nitrate), the graphene bubble sensor in 10 minutes or 5 minutes to try to detected this aggressive particles, and the efficiency is 10 times of the existing best detectors on the market.The scientists then use it to detect poisonous gas nitrogen dioxide (explosives decomposition of time also can release the gas), the resul

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industry in wuxi city press conference held in huishan economic development zone.Conference, in wuxi city government issued the wuxi graphene graphite suppliers industry development planning outline, in wuxi huishan economic development graphite sales zone construction graphene industry development graphite for sale core "area graphite manufacturers two center", strive to use 5 to 7 years of time, a world-class, domestic leading, wuxi graphene industrial clusters with graphite machining distinctive characteristics.The reporter understands, as compared to graphite sales the nanometer materials applied prospect of new materials, graphene industry is the UN earlier this year that one of the two leading industries of the future of mankind, enables the human to create more "lightweight" plane, r &d and production performance more powerful graphite suppliers "super computer".The day at the scene, wuxi related industry enterprises showed a reporter a prototype made of graphene materials mobile panel.The reporter sees, compared with the common touch screen mobile phone, the phone panel touch screen sensitivity higher, fingers moving slightly, interface to respond immediately, operation process graphite manufacturers and more fluent.Staff said that compared with the common use china graphite of panel, the new material panel take full advantage of the characteristics of graphene structure tightly, reflected in china graphite the electronic product performance on a big show is mobile phone touch screen control more sensitive and smooth.In addition, the phone panel bending of the material also can operate, is not affected, which is related to the high toughness of the material.It is reported, as a kind of structure of carbon materials, graphene graphite machining was found since 2004, immediately caused a worldwide research and development and the popularity boom.As the world has found the most thin, hard and other excellent properties of material, the industry earlier this year the United Nations recognized one of the two leading industries in the future for mankind.Graphene as a new type of strategic alternative material has become the most important discovery of the century, new materials, has excellent features such

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c development of wuxi strategic leading industry and characteristic industry.Pushing for 5 to 7 years, built in wuxi has a "scientific research focus, the industry cluster, technological innovation, leading the radiation" functions such as leading in the province, the domestic first-class, international has a certain graphite sales influence of graphene industry technology development and application demonstration base.Relevant experts said to the reporter, graphene industry is the modern electronics industry in the future competition in the field of high ground, is also a powerful driving force for transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.Compared with graphite machining the international level, graphene research in China has a rapid development, level, the graphite suppliers international synchronization, part of the characteristics of the lead.In September, no XiHui mountain economic development zone is starting construction first domestic graphene innovation development demonstration base, planning development of graphene industry cluster.According to reporter understanding, in order to further clear the development direction of graphene industry, target tasks, driving machinery, textile, chemical transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, such as wuxi city has issued "about to speed up the construction of" three china graphite three centers "to promote industrial transformation and upgrading of opinions and other documents to promote development of graphene industry.The downstream application gradually matureGraphene industry graphite manufacturers has developed rapidly in recent years, wuxi, and form a lot of advantages.Wuxi graphene industry core enterprise has three, respectively is the sixth element, Philippine electronics, photoelectric.The sixth element has a production capacity of annual output of 50 tons of graphene powders;, Philippine electronics to complete the construction of the first graphene film production line.At present wuxi graphene enterprises to apply for and have a patent for invention has accumulated more than 30, the sixth element has more than 20

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.Professional standardization technical committee at the same time, the graphite products graphite manufacturers can be geared to the needs of social developing graphite professional standardization work, graphite suppliers entrusted china graphite provinces, cities and enterprises to undertake this major provinces, local standards and enterprise standards, review and stable cross, consulting and other technical service work.It is reported that the provincial and municipal governments and qualitative inspect branch can be based on the long-term development of graphite graphite machining industry, attracting top domestic scientific research institutes and universities of technology power, actively build national graphite products quality supervision and inspection center and the graphite product standardization technical committee of heilongjiang province, the industrial development is very important.Through the national graphite quality inspection center and the construction of the graphite standard council, work closely for the production of graphite industry in our province set up a good platform, contact in colleges and universities, communication enterprises, connecting the market, the respect such as service industry play an irreplaceable role, to better the quality of graphite products field supervision, brand cultivation and standardization construction work, graphite deep processing and product technology progress, make longjiang graphite enterprise quickly seized the commanding graphite sales heights of graphite industry, longjiang people to create their own graphite products. From France, the United States and Germany international team composed of the three research institutions and universities recently using new method synthesized high quality graphene nanobelts, and successfully verified its extraordinary conductivity at room temperature.This kind of nanobelts and for the development of new electronic devices created a new space for development.Research published in the journal nature website.Graphene is a kind of by monolayer of carbon atoms in the material, with a lot of very special

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er and, more fascinated scientists.Graphene surfaces repel water, originally, but will it into the water, that extends across the whole body of the capillaries are allowed free access to water molecules, this phenomenon has aroused the Chinese graphite material suppliers university of science and technology of engineering sciences professor Wu Hengan team's attention.With Nobel laureates, Andre geim, a professor at the graphite manufacturing university of Manchester, England team work together, using theoretical analysis and the method of molecular simulation, explore the mechanism of it.Study found that graphene oxide thin film of water environment and water intimate contact, can form about 0.9 nanometres wide channels, less than the graphite heating element size of the ions or molecules can be quickly through;At the same time, machining parts the "big" is blocked in the door.The screening effect not only on ion size requirement is very accurate, and thousands of times faster than the traditional concentration diffusion.Experts say that if further compressed by mechanical means and transformation in the film channel size, can efficiently filter the salinity of the water.This means that graphite xrd people in extreme cases, survival can DIY out a set of simple filtration unit, in a few minutes to desalination into racing with desire. Graphene huge marketGraphene is a kind of configuration and interconnected by carbon atoms, in accordance with the hexagon and xrd graphite carbon molecules, its structure is very stable.Graphene has high conductivity, high tenacity, high strength etc., in the electronic, aerospace defense industry, new energy, new materials, and other fields have a wide range of applications.Applications of graphene in the electronics industry in the direction of the research and development mainly has four areas.First of all, the application of graphene could replace silicon in the field of chip, chip speed increased to THZ level.Each year around 2500 tons, the demand for semiconductor silicon graphene if replace one over ten high-end crystal silicon integrated circuits, market capacity is at least 500 billion

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nd Timesnano both companies have cost advantages, complete customer networks, and continued funding support, is expected to be regarded as China's potential business partners.Although China is now in the aspect of graphene is still far behind the, but is trying to catch up with the United States.Overall, compared with other global graphene, graphene Chinese companies in the "Lux Innovation evaluation method" (Lux Innovation Grid) in a weaker position, on the part of the reason is that they are relatively new company, Ma said that so far, the production cost is still difficult to compete with the world's major supplier of graphene.According to Lux, due to the lithium ion battery application and application of coating and heat dissipation material such as updating, in 2014 China's domestic market is expected to graphene and carbon nanotubes $22.4 million and $48.4 million respectively.In addition, China in The field of graphene make a bright future is expected to come from Yu Changzhou Sixth Element (The Sixth Element) and NINGBO science and technology of Mexico (NINGBO Morsh), The two companies in graphene nano particles manufacturing capacity has already surpassed The United States. "Chenzhou microlite ink industry, as an important gripper, promote industrial upgrading transformation 'which is a project for the development of new materials, driven by reform and innovation, to industrial park as the platform, to build the country's largest microcrystalline graphite products production base."Hunan chenzhou municipal committee and executive vice mayor, said lee review here.26 solstice 27, sponsored by the China non-metallic mineral industry association of professional committee of the graphite, chenzhou city, hunan province letter committee, southern China (chenzhou) graphite co., LTD., to undertake microlite ink industry development peak BBS held in chenzhou.From more than 80 professional colleges and universities, institutions, private and government organizations for more than 100 delegates, will be carried ou

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troduce representative field of graphene Nobel laureates of the technical level of the world's highest konstantin carbon professor and a group of the international first-class scientific research talents, establish the international top experts, advantages of graphite sales colleges and universities, leading enterprises, advanced city "construction of multi-party cooperative mode.The graphite suppliers construction of the institute to take "two-step", one is in zalman campus of xiamen university with the help of current production related equipment and the neighboring graphene chemicl engineering of high-end equipment, selected 3-5 relatively mature project, organize forces to conduct research;The second is to speed up the research institute at the university of xiamen xiang 'an campus location china graphite and base construction by stages, in the long-term planning of the development of the industry chain to be prepared for the best.It is understood that the first planning institute flexible touch screen, a new generation of LED, and other fields to conduct pilot and industrialization. Yesterday, reporters from China understands graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance, by the alliance and the European Phantoms Foundation, ningbo government jointly organized the "2014 China international graphene innovation conference" will be held on September 1-3, in ningbo, the discussion at the meeting set up the international union of graphene.It is understood that the conference is the world's first for the purpose of promoting industrialization of graphene international conference, unlike previous academic conference, branch set up completely on the demand of the industrialization of graphene, based on the various applications of graphene.From the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, including Nobel laureates, Europe's graphite graphite machining manufacturers flagship project coordinator, flagship project project director, global graphene scientists and entrepreneurs more than 300 people will converge in ningbo, graphen