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century, carbon graphite sales materials, china graphite for example, carbon materials has become a large-scale development and application of the world's first choice of high performance materials.The traditional carbon materials are synthetic diamond and high-temperature resistance of graphite materials, and new century's most notable carbon new material is carbon fiber composite materials and graphene materials.Carbon fiber has high strength, high modulus, low density, high temperature resistant, resist fatigue, conducting qualitative light, easy processing and so on a variety of excellent performance, is gradually replacing traditional materials, widely used in aerospace and military fields, and began to go deep into all aspects of the national economy and people's livelihood.?"Carbon fiber composite materials belong to high-end applications, on behalf of a country's overall level of science and technology and the industrialization level, is the most important application in the field of aerospace and other high-end, at least 20 to 30 years in the development of space."Tang Jianmao said that if the carbon fiber composite material used in aircraft manufacturing, will be better than aluminum alloy weight loss of 20% to "20150922xrd" 40%, now reflects the significant benefits in terms of energy saving.At present, the Boeing 787 aircraft has 50% of the application of carbon fiber composite materials, 62% of airbus aircraft materials and carbon fiber composite materials to be used.?Downstream of the universality graphite suppliers of the new material industry, automobile, aviation equipment, communication equipment, household appliances, IT, real estate, transportation, urban construction, and many other fields in IT, and these areas are now at high speed development period, also huge demand for new materials."At present, China's new materials industry is in a strong stage of development, new materials industry accounts for about 30% of gross domestic product, the annual growth rate is expected to remain above 20% and broad development space."China industry cluster dean BaoY

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25.43 yuan before (after), become the leader in the graphene related stocks deserved.A brokerage analyst to accept the first financial daily "financial" reporter said in an interview: "at that time is due to the inventor of the graphene won a Nobel Prize, graphene started to graphite price heat up."Had been popular is due to focus on the market, the company subsidiary bei, published on the website "has nearly 268 million tons of reserves, suitable for lithium ion graphite sales secondary battery using high grade graphite mineral resources".Graphite ore is upstream of graphene industry, the company let nature take its course to sit for the position of bibcock of graphene.On March 15, however, the company of a clarification announcement, changed China baoan share price movements.Company "20150917xrd" said that its heilongjiang baoan new energy investment co., LTD business basically at graphite suppliers a standstill, there is no mineral resources.This not only means that Mr Terry "lied", also makes China baoan graphene aura burst graphite material suppliers on the head.Announcement after China baoan graphite machining gradually weakening, prices also appeared a huge change in his attitude of brokerage and brokers before every month a few articles about China baoan research reports, real-time tracking.And after a few months down almost no brokerage issued a research report."If you interview me the content of the news publishing, I deny the graphite manufacturers content of the said before, what do you think?"One stop tracking the analyst, said to reporters.In fact, the company still has graphite ore resources, only less than previous forecasts.Mid-april according to company's announcement, the current in jixi china graphite liumao graphite ore resources have been identified as jixi liumao lang ditch ore block and the liumao station ore block, the ore block has a mining license prior to family for groove ore mining certificate is being dealt with.According to the institute of heilongjiang province mineral resources geology first survey 1983 geological exploration report, the above two ore block of graphite ore reserves of 70 million tons.Currently estimated at

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bo material technology and engineering research institute, Chinese academy of sciences of the latest research results show that the industrial applications of graphene is expected to take the lead in implementation in the field of power lithium ion battery.Of the power lithium battery technology research team leader zhao-ping liu researcher said that the lithium iron phosphate cathode material is the key to the graphite price future electric vehicle power battery material, but its production technology has been to the United graphite material suppliers States and Canada patent monopoly, China continues to do so and they now legal representation."In the first round of the case. China won if "20150915xrd" they win, every tons of lithium iron phosphate production of 10000 yuan for the patent, this to our electric car industry will be a big blow."Zhao-ping liu said: graphite suppliers "we start graphene research since 2008, through the graphene and the fusion of the lithium iron phosphate, improve the china graphite performance of the power lithium batteries, the patent barriers around them."Zhao-ping liu believes that graphene in the field of power lithium battery has the following two important application direction, and is likely to be a major breakthrough in a short time.One direction is graphene composite electrode materials.Graphene with its excellent conductivity can improve the electrical conductivity of electrode material, and then improve the charge and discharge performance;At the same time, the graphene "flexible" 2 d layer structure and can effectively restrain the electrode graphite manufacturers material in the process of charging and discharging material pulverization caused by volume changes, and enhance the conductive contact between the fluid graphite sales and set.Therefore, graphene modified can improve numerous electrochemical performance of lithium battery anode materials are, lithium iron phosphate/graphene composite cathode material is a good graphite machining example.Another is the application prospect of the development direction of graphene is used as power lithium batteries conductive additives.Preliminary results show that after jo

the preparation of graphene with new properties

al has the insulation performance of the graphene derivatives - graphite alkanes.This method applies to the preparation of other thin materials based on graphene, these new ultra-thin materials with different conductivity.Related research results published January 30 in the journal science.From the graphene to graphite alkanesResearchers in graphene unique hexagonal lattice structure and thickness of the single atom, on each carbon atom have increased a hydrogen atom, the preparation of graphene with new properties by derivatives - graphite alkanes.Researchers said, although the chemical properties of pure graphene is very stable, but they found that hydrogen atoms can react with, highly conductive graphene materials into insulating properties of graphite alkanes new materials.The experiment proved that can change the performance of graphene by chemical methods, for the preparation of other chemical derivatives based on graphene paved the way.Coase and stuffed, d lowe said: "the graphene is a kind of excellent conductors, can be widely used in many electronic devices, if a chemical methods according to the needs of the people can control its electronic properties, it will be more attractive prospect of application. Our work has proved the feasibility of this method, already open the sluice gates of manufacturing graphene chemical derivatives, which will further widen the application space of graphene."??New type of semiconductor materials will be availableAndre geim and coase's novy plug lowe, who in the preparation of graphene for the first time in 2004.Pure graphene is a kind of only one atom thick crystals, with ultrathin (an atom thick), super strong and super conductive performance (electronic pass rate reached almost 100%) features, in 2004 by Andre geim and coase's successful development, arcelor dimensions and published for the first time, after the graphene immediately become a hot research topic in the field of material science and physics, the scientific community that graphene is likely to replace silicon as the future of the semiconductor material, has the very broad application prospects.And the use of graphene is made of graphite alkanes, a new breakthrough is again expanding people's imagination.Graphene unique electronic properties enabled the researchers to develop new materials, produce the size smaller and faster transistors.However, due to the lack of electron energy spectrum can gap, scientists were forced to use for this complex structure based on graphene.And the university of Manchester researchers by pure graphene exposure to atomic hydrogen produced high quality graphite crystals of this method reveals can be based on graphene to create many other ultrathin crystal materials.In 2008, researchers have been based on graphene developed unique electronic properties compared with traditional silicon, a smaller, faster graphene transistors.However, in order to make up the defects of energy in the electronic spectra, the scientists had to use a rather complex based on graphene structure such as qu

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cs of pure graphene instructions" china graphite soft mode "and there is a direct link "20150909xrd" between hardness. With the rising popularity of nanotechnology, scientists could by means of stress tests on mechanical properties of the pure graphene graphite machining for more comprehensive research." Developed by lanzhou large carbon company?800 mm ordinary graphite electrode has been successful.More than the single electrode ontology weighs 2000 kg, joint monomer weighing 120 kg or more, for the "big MAC" in the same kind of graphite electrode.Have learned, at the beginning of this year, lanzhou party big carbon company should customer requirements, set up?800 mm ordinary electrode development project team, scientific research personnel based graphite price on the user type furnace and use requirements, careful design technology route, has successfully developed four batches?And second batch of 800 mm electrode ontology matching connector products, the furnace use effect is good.At present, this batch of?800 graphite sales mm "big graphite material suppliers MAC" somewhat great power graphite electrode in -arc furnace smelting. Hebei specialized day bearing graphite products co., LTD., market-oriented, has developed the users are in urgent need of a new type of water jacket type graphite hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace, triad synthesis furnace and graphite falling-film absorber series graphite equipment such as new varieties, make new varieties has reached 12 categories of more than 160 specifications, and energy efficient and environmentally friendly products accounted for more than 70%, can meet the needs of different users. Has learned, the eu anti-dumping investigations into the graphite electrode products in China, the filing time may be around December 18, involved in products will cover more scale graphite electrode products, directly involved in several main enterprise, affect the employment of 80000 to 90000 people.China mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce director of legal services hui-juan liu to the economic information daily, reporter, said that this is a global chain case, several countries follow each other, competing for anti-dumping investigations into all kinds of graphite electrodes in China, from the external environment, deal graphite suppliers with the difficulty is very big.We have learned, since 1998, India, the United States, Brazil, Mexico were launched anti-dumping investigation of graphite electrode products.It is reported, China mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce has enterprise early warning meeting held on 10, emergency, group enterprises to discuss coping strategies. Hefei material science research institute of Chinese academy of sciences in solid new topology structure based on graphene research progress.The researchers put a tape rotating 180 DHS, then put together on both ends of the tape, graphite manufacturers they can easily get a mobius strip.Mobius strip is only has a surface and a special topology boundary.Based on its special topological properties, the mobius strip has important applications in industry and art, for example, b

heilongjiang province paved for fast

people's government of the plate and the investor on behalf of the contract.Among them, with a total investment of 30 million yuan of high purity graphite powder project main production of high purity graphite powder 99.999%, annual output can reach 40 million yuan, after the production can produce tax 1.5 million yuan of above. On May 11, 17 points and 11 J40613 train carrying 486 tons of graphite from west MaShan station.Since the beginning graphite machining of the year, the station has to wuxi south, BaYuJuan port, carrying 20000 tons of graphite, in order to speed up the development of graphite industry in graphite manufacturers heilongjiang province paved for fast and efficient unimpeded.Graphite, is the military industry and modern industry and the indispensable important raw material in high china graphite and new technology development.Graphite resources in heilongjiang province, jixi, Laura north graphite resources reserves of 928 million tons.Due to the poor transportation, graphite industry in heilongjiang province has been in a "in buxuriant could" state.In recent years, heilongjiang province, proposed the building of "graphite" slogan, efforts to build up the graphite industry superior industry.Let graphite graphite sales enterprises no longer silent, Harbin railway bureau for transportation security.They will be located in jixi group of Mr Yu graphite as the provincial key protection grade A large transportation enterprise, regular communication, to provide policy support, to fully meet the demand of its capacity.Jixi train operation depot marketers active investigation visit, understand the production situation in graphite and transport demand, strive for high quality options, do priority in transport.The graphite loading process easy to produce bags 20150907xrd of damage and pollution, this section completes the loading of human organization, strengthen the education and management, handling personnel do take put down light, efforts to provide the omni-directional high-quality service for the enterprise, the implementation way enterprise mutual win-win.Today, capacity of railway fast and high quality, prompt became our graphite products in heilongjiang province, production, processing and distribution center.Mr Yu group in graphite production and WaiYunLiang reached 150000 tons, has become a rhi, baosteel, shougang, angang, big companies such as wuhan, suha partners, products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc. More than 80 countries and regions. A few days ago, li chang new materials co., LTD in dalian lithium ion power and graphite suppliers energy storage battery materials held in first phase of the project completion ceremony.JingRui vice secretary of municipal party committee, standing committee, deputy director of the sun world super, vice chairman of the CPPCC, Ma Shixia HuaYuanKou economic zone working committee secretary, director of board and cut the ribbon to congratulate.It is understood that the first phase of a total of six production lines, production can realize annual sales income 1.5 billion yuan, profit tax of 200 million yuan.The seco

enhance the comprehensive national

rade to cope with the future demand and excess capacity for strategic adjustment.Given new materials in the development of high-tech industry, transform and upgrade traditional industries, graphite sales enhance the comprehensive national strength and defense power of important role in the next five years to the layout and the development trend of new material industry in China has important influence, and will further affect the development of other traditional industry.?According to BaoYuJun analysis, from the developing trend of the industry, new material industry chain extension, niche, further integration of upstream and downstream of the industry, new material and base material industry combined with the increasingly close, the development trend will be multiple structural function, functional materials, intelligent, green material device integration, preparation technology, eventually reach a new generation of material has graphite machining multifunction, less pollution, low consumption, low cost and long life"Should increase the intensity of resource optimization reorganization, through the progress of science and technology to achieve the strategic upgrading of industrial structure, through mergers and restructuring, eliminating the high input, high consumption, high pollution and low benefit of graphite for sale excess capacity, graphite manufacturers key support high technology projects with high performance and high added value, help cultivate a batch of internationally advanced level, the industrial chain of upstream and downstream of graphite suppliers the intensive degree is high, the market strain ability of leading enterprises."Tang Jianmao believes that government level in the construction of strengthening self-directed innovation ability will play a leading role, to perfect the new material industry development environment, encourage the china graphite development of integrating production, industrial pattern, at the same time actively carry out international cooperation, absorbing foreign advanced technology and management experience.?To this, the ministry officials said that the new material industry "twelfth five-year" development plan at the beginning of the year have already completed the first draft.In the future, must strengthen the planning and policy guidance, to speed up the new material industry development plan, set up new material industry development policy support system, create good development environment for the new material industry.At the same time, strengthen the innovation drive, break through core technology and key equipment in the development of new materials, increase the new material's capacity for independent innovation.To highlight key development, speed up the development of high technological content, good industrial base, large market potential, the key to the new material.?The head said, according to the planning, special metal new material industry will focus on developing advanced functional materials, high-end metal structure materials, polymer materials, a new type of inorganic non-metallic materials, the latest high performance composite materials and new materials.A