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atings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers r&d work.On his hand presided over leadership of up to 30 research projects, of which 13 studies create direct economic benefits of $200 million, the potential economic benefit is $500 million.On the basis of applied basic research, he further put forward the concept "ingenious use of biomass, the successful development and commercialization of a series of biological products, at the same time develop their corresponding environmental protection, clean, economic and efficient production process, by the United States venter Ruth company as a trade secret. The development of dispersant to promote industrialization of graphene.Yu Haibin obtain 13 million yuan investment in 2013, intend to return to China in yuan alcohol company changzhou create their own biological Quito.Under the introduction of teacher younger brother, he accidentally met Dr Zhu Jin ningbo materials of the graphite manufacturers Chinese academy of sciences.After talking a few times, he decided to put the idea of entrepreneurship, to material development.In September the same year, he was as a flagship "talent", a senior researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences, ningbo materials are introduced.Yu Haibin at home when the graphene shine brilliantly.In 2012, Shanghai nanjiang (group) co., LTD., xi zhe investment co., LTD. Ningbo material with the Chinese academy of sciences initiated jointly established the advantage of ningbo science and technology co., LTD. However, artificial preparation of graphene is easy to reunite again, cannot give full play to the excellent properties of graphene single layer.After entering materials, Yu Haibin has led the research team spread of nano-materials technology as graphite material suppliers graphite suppliers one of research direction, finally developed special dispersant.Will the dispersants added to a solution containing the graphene, by mixing processing can get monodisperse water-based, oily graphene dispersion, and creatively were easy to disperse graphene powders. At present, Yu Haibin team has the easy to disperse graphene po