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an example.In a paper published in a journal of institute of physics, and Schlierf and her colleagues described with indigo blue anthraquinone sulfonic acid sodium salt, an abbreviation for IBS ordinary industrial dye in graphene nano lamellae stripping, processing and contains methods.In recent years, luobei based on graphite resources advantage, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, to cultivate the graphite high-end industry development.Only three years, the county of graphite powder on the surge in the conversion from "zero" in 2011 to 45.5% in 2014, for the county nearly half of the graphite deep processing of primary products high purity graphite to achieve the on-site, luobei accelerated turned into "China of graphite" and the pace of china graphite the valley of the graphite in the world. Luobei graphite have been proved reserves of 636 million tons, the first in Asia.But graphite suppliers because of the lack of deep processing enterprises join in and graphite material suppliers the power of science and technology support, the county has for years been in the stage of primary products sales graphite - graphite powder, lead to severe resource waste, and enterprise efficiency is low, less government tax.To reverse the passive situation, starting from 2011, luobei graphite production standards, while encourage deep processing enterprises to join in, control graphite primary products exports, leaning to deep processing enterprise in the allocation of resources.Soon, the black graphite, hengda new materials, south hisin yung, overflow four auspicious graphite graphite deep processing enterprise in 2012 and 2012 completed and put into production one after another in the north of dill, ending the county in the past only sell graphite history of primary products.By 2013, luobei graphite deep processing of primary products on-site conversion by "zero" up to 21.7% in the past.On this basis, luobei continue to increase the intensity of investment promotion and capital introduction, and has introduced Mr Xing, yunshan carbon new material industry, such as emperor source mining stre