multiple china graphite disciplines

obal mergers and acquisitions, integration of China" strategic fired the first shot.Learn from xiamen municipal government, on the morning of April 1, the mayor of xiamen PeiJinJia met with visiting Nobel Prize winner, konstantin, a professor at the university graphite-also-be-more/ of Manchester, England of carbon. Professor konstantin carbon is professor at the university of Manchester, England, for graphene research achievements won the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics.In may last year, xiamen university and the university of Manchester, England blue stones technology company (BGT Msterials company) cooperation, established the graphene industrial technology research institute. PeiJinJia said, xiamen university is a key university in our country, in the energy material, graphite manufacturers energy, chemical and other associated with graphene research is of great advantage of multiple china graphite disciplines, and konstantin carbon professor must good prospects for cooperation.Hope konstantin carbon used to xiamen to guide and participate in the study, professor push graphene industrial technology research institute the results as soon as possible, xiamen will give support in policy and funding, efforts to promote industrialization of research results in xiamen. Xiamen chic graphene technology co., LTD., is refers to is the first a related industry company, xiamen, zhongtai chemical listed company has in the company.Silicon material (English: Silicene) is a kind of similar to that of graphene silicon elemental.Though the theory researchers have speculated that there is this kind of material and speculation about the nature of it, the researchers observed in 2010 after more than ten years with the structure of the elemental silicon.Researchers revealed for the first piece of silicon transistor details, if the silicon thin layer structure can be applied to manufacture of electronic equipment, could push the semiconductor industry to realize the ultimate miniaturization.Seven years ago, silicon material is just a dream of the