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ain the experiment observed the corner of layers of graphene layers breathing mode frequency, and fitting for multilayer graphene neighbor breathing for 9% of the nearest neighbor coupling between the layers.This is in the van der Waals two-dimensional crystal material first observed this time near breathing coupling between the layers.The results of the study show that, by observing the interlaminar shear modulus to detect a corner in the multilayer graphene Bernal storage subsystem, layer number, at the same time with breathing mode to detect the total layer between the layers.Graphene quantum dots as the excellent properties of graphene materials and the boundary effect of quantum dot material, thus rendering a series of new features, now under each domains such as chemistry, physics, materials scientists attention.Since was found on the preparation of this new zero dimensional materials research has made some significant progress, graphite material suppliers but how simple and easy for size control and uniform particle size, good dispersion of graphene quantum dots is still a challenge. Technical institute of physics and chemistry of graphite suppliers the Chinese academy of sciences, xinjiang environmental science and technology laboratory researchers using ordered mesoporous silica as nano reactor, using the confined effect of nano space, steam cut-off by nitric acid and in-situ collection policy, top-down particle size controllable graphene quantum dots, the production rate is as high as 48%.Studies have shown that the mesoporous silica nanoparticles reactor can be reused, greatly reduces the preparation cost.The quantum dots as fluorescent probes to construct fluorescent sensors, realize the fast, exclusive of iron ion detection.Further study found that when the control chemical state on the surface of the quantum dot, the dots on copper, cobalt, manganese and nickel ion has good response, this greatly broaden the application scope of graphene quantum dots. The results of the study are published on the Carbon, related research work to get the "one h