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Microelectronics by microwave devices and integrated circuit laboratory room (4) researcher Jin Zhi leading the team in the country and the support of scientific research project of Chinese academy of sciences, growth and metastasis of graphene materials and the preparation of graphene rf device makes a deep and systematic research, the preparation of the graphene rf device with extremely high oscillation frequency, a series of important results were obtained. Graphene as a new type of two-dimensional carbon material, because of their excellent electrical china graphite and optical properties and stable chemical properties, has a broad application prospect in the field of microelectronics.Chemical vapor deposition method is one of the important way to obtain high quality graphene, but graphene from the metal surface to the target substrate transfer is restricted to promote http://www.x3erp.com/node/1295 the "bottleneck" of the method.Four rooms team creatively using agarose gel as solid electrolyte, using the electrochemical method to achieve the green efficient transfer of graphene.The transfer method can be extended to large size preparation of graphene films, for the large-scale application of graphene provides a feasible way. Metal substrate used in the growth of graphene on the surface in the process https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20150712204912AAV2SD1 of preparation of order morphology of ups and downs, this structure can lead to transfer of orderly arrangement of graphene films after fold.Four room team was prepared by the special structure of graphene rf devices, graphite machining surrounding the fold in graphene launched research the influence of carrier transmission, found that the order of fold can lead to carrier transport in graphene has the characteristics graphite manufacturers of anisotropy, in parallel to the direction of the fold carrier mobility significantly higher than the vertical direction.The findings for the preparation of high-performance graphene rf http://www.noivosfera.com.br/profiles/blogs/institute-graphite-suppliers-of-microsystem device provides important reference basis. In the http://www.x3erp.com/node/1295 process of the preparation of graphene rf devices, the existing grid medium preparation methods in process control and devic