and is graphite machining considered

0.48, 2.46%) (17.4741 million yuan), nunn power (11.710, 0.17, 1.43%) (12.6025 million yuan), golden road group (7.92, 0.19, 2.34%) (12.4454 million yuan), zhongtai chemical (10.6678 million yuan), and other stocks for large net inflows have more than 10 million yuan, yueda investment (12.40, 0.19, 1.51%), jin fu new material (14.490, 0.20, 1.36%), and other stocks also get the favour of big money. fact, although as high and new material, but graphene already familiar to the market.The world's most thin material, the strength of the most materials, the thermal conductivity of the best materials...Amongst the aura of graphene's head, I'm afraid, the Nobel Prize for physics results in the most shining.In 2010, the two scientists - Andre geim and konstantin of carbon in the laboratory successfully isolated graphene from graphite, overthrew the assumption of its china graphite can't separate stable deposit before.Since then, graphene because of superior properties, can be used in electronic, aerospace, new energy, biomedical and other fields, and is graphite machining considered by the market potential size of at least one trillion yuan of above. It is worth mentioning that, after the news that the ministry and other departments in "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, new materials to research time is expected in the second half of 2015, graphene has been basically settled in the planning.With the advancement of industrialization of graphene, the country against the policy of the industry is expected to again overweight, according to authorities, ministry of science and technology and other graphite manufacturers departments are studying graphene high-tech industrialization base related work, the first base is expected to be settled in changzhou, the country's first graphene high-tech industrialization base is expected to be approved recently, this will be the first "China" "graphene industrialization base. From the Angle of the secondary market investment, the personage inside course of study is generally believed that the current pattern as grai