start of graphite deep processing project enterprise, has not been prepared to this idea. Resources integration: conducive to industrial development Market allocation of resources for enterprises, but no matter from which Angle, some experts or graphite industry for this kind of market allocation of resources to give the high expectations, and put forward many valuable advice and your advice. China non-metallic mineral industry association of professional committee of the graphite, secretary general of the sg group advice: one is the ministry of land and resources of graphite large mineral resources management level of ascension, straight and certification to a certain scale of the mine is operable reality, smaller local certification for reserves the development and utilization of plan of the enterprise, must by the examination and approval of the panel at the central level association and submitted to the department for the record, and its export management shall be formulated by the industry association rules to control (but build a review for the record by the ministry of land and resources administrative measures) in response to the WTO, the management of change will certainly restrain the status graphite material suppliers quo of important strategic resources scattered, disorder and poor.2 it is to have original innovation enterprises, whether state-owned or private) china graphite funds and policy support, such as the allocation of resources and taxes.Indeed to have reserves of environmental protection, innovation, refinement technology support pilot horse immediately, to admit that private enterprises in the industry is to adjust the industrial structure, change the main force of economic growth pattern.Three is to use market means to adjust industry industrial structure, protect strategic resource, is very necessary.Establish industrialization demonstration base is urgent.Make strategic development plan of science and technology is graphite suppliers top priority.But must improve resource access condition, the development qualification strictly controlled.Witho