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than half a century of manganese chloride, oxidant. "This iron antioxidant molecules' graphite manufacturers running fast, can be like a wedge, the rapid penetration into graphite, graphite quickly stratification. This process can produce oxygen, help 'top layers of graphite, make preparation of speed."Superb, said this approach no explosion hazard, does not produce harmful substances, friendly to environment.At the same time, this kind of method for single layer graphene oxide, just can be completed within an hour, the large-scale application of graphene in industry possible.Relevant papers published in the journal nature on January 21, ZiKan journal nature communications.Previously, this group has using graphene for raw material preparation of graphene fibre, graphene aerogels, graphene films and other forms of macroscopic material.The high strength, Gao Ren, high conductivity of graphene materials is expected to be widely used in mobile devices, aerospace, new energy battery, and other fields.On January 30, national thin layer graphite material standard working group was established in changzhou.This is our first china graphite thin layer graphite material standard working group. As the world's leading edge of new materials, graphene has not national and industry standards in our country.Thin layer of graphite materials after working group graphite price was set up, will be responsible for the national graphene conductance, graphene powder materials, graphene thermal conductivity film, graphene thermal film, graphene electrode materials, graphene carrier materials in the field of six countries, the industry standard system revision work, and through the graphene standard system, the establishment of healthy and sustainable development of the thin layer of graphite industry.At present, the first terms and definitions of graphene materials the graphene layer determination of scanning probe microscopy, optical method for determination of graphene layers, the Raman spectroscopy characterization of graphene layers, a total of four projects have been included in th