graphite machining and technology

innovation center (GEIC).Before that, the UK has investment of 61 million pounds to create national institute of graphene.China's spending on technology of graphene is also expensive.From 2007 to 2012, China national natural science fund committee of graphene project total china graphite finance funds reached 330 million yuan, the ministry of science graphite machining and technology and the Chinese academy of sciences of the aggregation of graphene grants reached 59.15 million yuan and 46.05 million graphite manufacturers yuan respectively. The local government's interest in graphene industry is also growing, ningbo, changzhou, wuxi, Qingdao, chongqing and other places have set up graphene industrial park.Ningbo city government to set up three years 90 million yuan of fiscal funds, support the development of the early graphene industry.Graphene was already 10 years, combing the current domestic graphene industry prospect and the problems existing in the industrialization process, the 21st century, the macro graphite suppliers institute believes that the road to industrialization is still in the stage of import, did not realize the mass graphite sales production, the main difficulty lies in the preparation of technical limitations, application field in demand. Graphene is a structure composed of carbon atoms in single chip of new materials, is known in the world the most thin, the hardest nano materials, coupled with superior toughness, conductivity and thermal conductivity, graphene in the composite material, touch screen, electronic devices, storage battery, display, sensor, semiconductor, aerospace, military industry, biological medicine, and other fields has a broad space for development.Current situation, the expected to get breakthrough in the field of touch screen and flexible electronic devices, etc.Because of graphene application field widely, once realized industrialization, existing in the application of the downstream industry base will drive the rapid growth of graphene industry, full bloom.Forecast according to the 2012 Graphene Live meeting: by 2018 the global Graphene roughly $32.9 b