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thium battery industry development policy.National five-year plan is put forward to develop the new energy industry, the relevant industry or enterprise should give policy support and subsidies.Nearly two years, the new energy automotive industry got rapid development.Tesla caused some kind of new energy vehicles to enter China's boom.At the same time, also greatly stimulated the demand for lithium battery, promote the development of the anode materials market.?Keep the anode materials market scale growth.Data: in 2013, for example, China's overall shipments of about 36000 tons of anode materials, the overall market size is about 2.6 billion yuan, and stayed at least 20% growth in recent years.By 2015, China's overall shipments of more than 55000 tons of anode materials, anode materials and global shipments will reach nearly 120000 tons.?As the capacitor electrode material: booster development of super capacitorUltracapacitors have ferrari electrostatic capacity.Electrochemical capacitor, super capacitor, also known as a kind of between isomolded graphite conventional capacitors and batteries, power supply with special performance, its basic principle and other kinds of electric double layer capacitor, super capacitor charge distance can china graphite realize the distance smaller than conventional capacitors, activated carbon electrode surface area increases as the number of, compared with traditional capacitor makes ultracapacitors have super large electrostatic graphite material suppliers capacity (ferrari), which is also its super.?Super capacitor energy density is lower than the isostatic graphite lithium battery.The super capacitor charging time very short, it is relative to the advantage of the battery.Super capacitor of low energy density, however, as the main source of power is restricted the application of graphite manufacturers special (,).The super capacitor energy density is generally less than twenty wh/kg, and the average energy density of lithium-ion batteries is more than 100 wh/kg.Super capacitor in the field of new energy generally as the auxiliary power supply of lithium-ion batteries, recycling