major investment graphite sales

strial cluster. It is understood that in graphite suppliers 2013, chongqing high-tech zone will ink co., LTD., the introduction of jinfeng electronic information science and technology industrial park, developing graphene films for graphene touch screen and display of raw materials, take the first step on the industrialization of china graphite graphene.In the same year in December, graphene industrial park in chongqing jinfeng electronic information industrial park opened. Based on the agglomeration effect of graphene in chongqing industrial park, hi-tech zone to attract high quality in the downstream enterprises, booster graphene to realize industrialization in our city.Jiulongpo district in 2014, major investment graphite sales projects in the zone on the signing ceremony, several intelligent terminal enterprises signed new graphene materials.Nowadays, graphene mobile phone production, marked the high-tech zone to promote the graphene films from preparation to the industry terminal application project layout completed important step, to form the industrial cluster graphite material suppliers of graphene powerful thrust. "This year, we are the number of graphene will strive to reach 20 ~ 30. By 2020, the output value of 40 billion."The official said.But with the development of the high-tech zone of graphene industry, our city has a graphene from research and development, the bulk of raw materials preparation to terminal components manufacturing of the whole industrial chain.News link Mobile phone folding bending can be realized Someone CARES, graphene intelligent terminal what is the advantage? Graphene is a composed of carbon atoms with sp2 hybrid orbitals hexagonal honeycomb lattice of graphite for sale thin film, has excellent physical properties, is by far the world's most thin, strength, one of the largest and electrical conductivity, good light penetration best materials.Compared with the existing mobile phone touch screen material, graphene touch screen has better penetrability and flexible.According to introducing, if other parts and materials also get corresponding improvement, mobile phones