alliance graphite material suppliers Wu Ling

little to change the existing production line."Goofy also said that the current production research and development enterprise lack of communication and the downstream enterprises, scientific research units research and development and enterprise application lacks effective docking, heavy industry base of scientific research and practical technical personnel is too little, these are restricting the further development of graphene industry.In addition, graphene powders or film cost, graphite suppliers quality and stability of the product itself, etc. There is still a large room for improvement., chairman of the national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry alliance graphite material suppliers Wu Ling has said that at present the LED industry is developing fast, but the LED can high purity graphite eventually entered the ordinary people at home, also look at the price.Now LED on ITO using indium, graphene if ready can replace it, at least in the semiconductor lighting light efficiency improvement, will be a customer of graphene.Of course, the industry is still optimistic about the future of graphene.The discoverer of the graphene and Nobel Prize winner professor AndreGeim proposed in a lecture of this year, is expected to three to five years, graphene will have amazing applications.On the international conference on innovation of graphene, ICN2 CVDequipment companies in the United States, Spain, Germany, chi company, Britain's national institute of graphene, Spain Graphenea company and so on more than 10 foreign institutions, science and technology, xiamen chic, Shanghai new pool of Mexico, the Chinese academy of sciences metal by more than 20 domestic unit shows the latest achievements and products.From the perspective of the news of recent reports, many research results have already begun to touch the application level, the application of the results of this study, let consumer of flexible smart watches, can be folded into a smartphone tablet, 15 minutes for electricity and the range of 500 km of electric vehicle battery such as graphene revolution