price is highest graphite suppliers

hui believed that "due to the local regulation is not strictly, make the graphite resources exploitation has great randomness. Graphite product prices continue to rise once before in 2011, after many small manufacturer see profits into actively, cause now widely dispersed graphite industry. Industry concentration degree is low, even less chance of deep processing enterprise development."Yuan Guohui said at the same time, natural graphite deep processing products are also subject to the limit of the downstream demand less."Steel good times in the last few years, the demand for graphite primary products is very big, so the market products. Production is the most natural graphite roughing, in contrast, less demand for graphite deep processing products."Chen Yuqun tells a reporter, now the price of primary products natural graphite graphite powder in heilongjiang province is controlled in 3000 yuan per ton, and some of the province of low quality products factory price even lower than one thousand yuan., he says, "some provinces of graphite mining graphite material suppliers enterprises not only the mining right, also does not have china graphite a high standard factory building and environmental protection equipment, the production cost is very low, so the price is very cheap, severely disrupted the market."Graphite industry in heilongjiang province association for reporters, according to a report of the "henan region because of the low ore grade, extensive production enterprise management, product quality is not high, lead to products prices are low, not normal production, sales of products is given priority to with inventory"."Development of deep processing, first in terms of technology research and development requires a large amount of investment", Yuan Guohui pointed out that "graphite powder price is highest graphite suppliers when nearly 7000 yuan/ton, and some of the lax supervision area, the cost may be less than 2000 yuan/ton. With so high profit margins, it is very difficult to make small business to develop the deep processing products, let alone rely on them to pr