Researchers graphite manufacturers found

is very ideal.The results of the study are published in the environment of famous periodicals of the journal of hazardous materials.Review people think: "this is a fine and effect of outstanding work."The water environment protection importanceRecently, the ministry of environmental protection jointly other seven ministries and commissions "punch" attack, will focus on heavy metal and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry sewage supervision and inspection, deepening the special key river basin water pollution of heavy pollution industry.In jin-huai liu's view, so it is urgent to control water pollution, protect water environment.Industrial wastewater, mining and metal smelting and other pollutants in different ways into the water environment, many parts of the country have been varying degrees of water environment pollution.Data show that China's rivers and lakes library generally by different degree of heavy metal pollution, the sediment pollution rate is as high as 80.1%, and has already begun to affect the quality of the water.For example, the Yellow River, huaihe river, the songhua river, liaohe river basin of the top ten basin, heavy metal exceeds bid section of pollution for the class.Researchers graphite manufacturers found that the pollution of heavy metals and organic pollutants, heavy metals cannot be decomposed by microbes, their flow into the water, can be gradually enriched in biological body through food chain.And after continuous china graphite enrichment of heavy metals, need to trace concentration will produce toxic effects to people and animals and plants.And, continuity and amplification of graphite machining toxicity, through bioaccumulation in organisms accumulated tens of thousands of times, especially in certain parts in the body accumulation eventually cause human poisoning even cancer.In recent years, the major national scientific research projects in the application of nanotechnology research "the basis of removing micropollutants from drinking water projects such as the support of the" 973 "project chief scientist jin-huai liu and the Chines