graphite sales colleges and universities

troduce representative field of graphene Nobel laureates of the technical level of the world's highest konstantin carbon professor and a group of the international first-class scientific research talents, establish the international top experts, advantages of graphite sales colleges and universities, leading enterprises, advanced city "construction of multi-party cooperative mode.The graphite suppliers construction of the institute to take "two-step", one is in zalman campus of xiamen university with the help of current production related equipment and the neighboring graphene chemicl engineering of high-end equipment, selected 3-5 relatively mature project, organize forces to conduct research;The second is to speed up the research institute at the university of xiamen xiang 'an campus location china graphite and base construction by stages, in the long-term planning of the development of the industry chain to be prepared for the best.It is understood that the first planning institute flexible touch screen, a new generation of LED, and other fields to conduct pilot and industrialization. Yesterday, reporters from China understands graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance, by the alliance and the European Phantoms Foundation, ningbo government jointly organized the "2014 China international graphene innovation conference" will be held on September 1-3, in ningbo, the discussion at the meeting set up the international union of graphene.It is understood that the conference is the world's first for the purpose of promoting industrialization of graphene international conference, unlike previous academic conference, branch set up completely on the demand of the industrialization of graphene, based on the various applications of graphene.From the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, including Nobel laureates, Europe's graphite graphite machining manufacturers flagship project coordinator, flagship project project director, global graphene scientists and entrepreneurs more than 300 people will converge in ningbo, graphen