in graphene nano particles

nd Timesnano both companies have cost advantages, complete customer networks, and continued funding support, is expected to be regarded as China's potential business partners.Although China is now in the aspect of graphene is still far behind the, but is trying to catch up with the United States.Overall, compared with other global graphene, graphene Chinese companies in the "Lux Innovation evaluation method" (Lux Innovation Grid) in a weaker position, on the part of the reason is that they are relatively new company, Ma said that so far, the production cost is still difficult to compete with the world's major supplier of graphene.According to Lux, due to the lithium ion battery application and application of coating and heat dissipation material such as updating, in 2014 China's domestic market is expected to graphene and carbon nanotubes $22.4 million and $48.4 million respectively.In addition, China in The field of graphene make a bright future is expected to come from Yu Changzhou Sixth Element (The Sixth Element) and NINGBO science and technology of Mexico (NINGBO Morsh), The two companies in graphene nano particles manufacturing capacity has already surpassed The United States. "Chenzhou microlite ink industry, as an important gripper, promote industrial upgrading transformation 'which is a project for the development of new materials, driven by reform and innovation, to industrial park as the platform, to build the country's largest microcrystalline graphite products production base."Hunan chenzhou municipal committee and executive vice mayor, said lee review here.26 solstice 27, sponsored by the China non-metallic mineral industry association of professional committee of the graphite, chenzhou city, hunan province letter committee, southern China (chenzhou) graphite co., LTD., to undertake microlite ink industry development peak BBS held in chenzhou.From more than 80 professional colleges and universities, institutions, private and government organizations for more than 100 delegates, will be carried ou