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.Professional standardization technical committee at the same time, the graphite products graphite manufacturers can be geared to the needs of social developing graphite professional standardization work, graphite suppliers entrusted china graphite provinces, cities and enterprises to undertake this major provinces, local standards and enterprise standards, review and stable cross, consulting and other technical service work.It is reported that the provincial and municipal governments and qualitative inspect branch can be based on the long-term development of graphite graphite machining industry, attracting top domestic scientific research institutes and universities of technology power, actively build national graphite products quality supervision and inspection center and the graphite product standardization technical committee of heilongjiang province, the industrial development is very important.Through the national graphite quality inspection center and the construction of the graphite standard council, work closely for the production of graphite industry in our province set up a good platform, contact in colleges and universities, communication enterprises, connecting the market, the respect such as service industry play an irreplaceable role, to better the quality of graphite products field supervision, brand cultivation and standardization construction work, graphite deep processing and product technology progress, make longjiang graphite enterprise quickly seized the commanding graphite sales heights of graphite industry, longjiang people to create their own graphite products. From France, the United States and Germany international team composed of the three research institutions and universities recently using new method synthesized high quality graphene nanobelts, and successfully verified its extraordinary conductivity at room temperature.This kind of nanobelts and for the development of new electronic devices created a new space for development.Research published in the journal nature website.Graphene is a kind of by monolayer of carbon atoms in the material, with a lot of very special