wuxi strategic leading industry

c development of wuxi strategic leading industry and characteristic industry.Pushing for 5 to 7 years, built in wuxi has a "scientific research focus, the industry cluster, technological innovation, leading the radiation" functions such as leading in the province, the domestic first-class, international has a certain graphite sales http://All4Webs.com/xrdcarbon influence of graphene industry technology development and application demonstration base.Relevant experts said to the reporter, graphene industry is the modern electronics industry in the future competition in the field of high ground, is also a powerful driving force for transformation and http://mybestbuddie.com/profiles/blogs/graphite-industry-access-conditions-set upgrading of traditional industries.Compared with graphite machining the international level, graphene research in China has a rapid development, level, the graphite suppliers international synchronization, part of the characteristics of the lead.In September, no XiHui mountain economic development zone is starting construction first domestic graphene innovation development demonstration base, planning development of graphene industry cluster.According to reporter understanding, in order to further clear the development direction of graphene industry, target tasks, driving machinery, textile, chemical transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, such as All4Webs.com/xrdcarbon wuxi city has issued "about to speed up the construction of" three china graphite three centers "to promote industrial transformation and upgrading of opinions and other documents to promote development of graphene industry.The downstream application gradually matureGraphene industry graphite manufacturers has developed rapidly in recent years, wuxi, and form a lot of advantages.Wuxi graphene industry core enterprise has three, respectively is the sixth element, Philippine electronics, photoelectric.The sixth element has a production capacity of annual output of 50 tons http://forum.drimmi.ru/showthread.php?t=87564 of graphene powders;, Philippine electronics to complete the construction of the first graphene film production line.At present wuxi graphene enterprises to apply for and have a patent for invention has accumulated more than 30, the sixth element has more than 20