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industry in wuxi city press conference held in huishan economic development zone.Conference, in wuxi city government issued the wuxi graphene graphite suppliers industry development planning outline, in wuxi huishan economic development graphite sales zone construction graphene industry development graphite for sale core "area graphite manufacturers two center", strive to use 5 to 7 years of time, a world-class, domestic leading, wuxi graphene industrial clusters with graphite machining distinctive characteristics.The reporter understands, as compared to graphite sales the nanometer materials applied prospect of new materials, graphene industry is the UN earlier this year that one of the two leading industries of the future of mankind, enables the human to create more "lightweight" plane, r &d and production performance more powerful graphite suppliers "super computer".The day at the scene, wuxi related industry enterprises showed a reporter a prototype made of graphene materials mobile panel.The reporter sees, compared with the common touch screen mobile phone, the phone panel touch screen sensitivity higher, fingers moving slightly, interface to respond immediately, operation process graphite manufacturers and more fluent.Staff said that compared with the common use china graphite of panel, the new material panel take full advantage of the characteristics of graphene structure tightly, reflected in china graphite the electronic product performance on a big show is mobile phone touch screen control more sensitive and smooth.In addition, the phone panel bending of the material also can operate, is not affected, which is related to the high toughness of the material.It is reported, as a kind of structure of carbon materials, graphene graphite machining was found since 2004, immediately caused a worldwide research and development and the popularity boom.As the world has found the most thin, hard and other excellent properties of material, the industry earlier this year the United Nations recognized one of the two leading industries in the future for mankind.Graphene as a new type of strategic alternative material has become the most important discovery of the century, new materials, has excellent features such