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rade to cope with the future demand and excess capacity for strategic adjustment.Given new materials in the development of high-tech industry, transform and upgrade traditional industries, graphite sales enhance the comprehensive national strength and defense power of important role in the next five years to the layout and the development trend of new material industry in China has important influence, and will further affect the development of other traditional industry.?According to BaoYuJun analysis, from the developing trend of the industry, new material industry chain extension, niche, further integration of upstream and downstream of the industry, http://michaelkors666.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/08/25/162701 new material and base material industry combined with the increasingly close, the development trend will be multiple structural function, functional materials, intelligent, green material device integration, preparation technology, eventually reach a new generation of material has graphite machining multifunction, less pollution, low consumption, low cost and long life"Should increase the intensity of resource optimization reorganization, through the progress of http://mybestbuddie.com/profiles/blogs/modified-can-improve-numerous science and technology to achieve the strategic upgrading of industrial structure, through mergers and restructuring, eliminating the high input, high consumption, high pollution and low benefit of graphite for sale excess capacity, graphite manufacturers key support high technology projects with high performance and high added value, help cultivate a batch of internationally advanced level, the industrial chain of upstream and downstream of graphite suppliers the intensive degree is high, the market strain ability of leading enterprises."Tang Jianmao believes that government level in the construction of strengthening self-directed innovation ability will play a leading role, to perfect the new material industry development environment, encourage the china graphite development of integrating production, industrial pattern, at the same time actively carry out international cooperation, absorbing foreign advanced technology and management experience.?To this, the ministry officials said that the new material industry "twelfth five-year" development plan at the beginning of the year have already completed the first draft.In the future, must strengthen the planning and policy guidance, to speed up the new material industry development plan, set up new material industry development policy support system, create good development environment for the new material industry.At the same time, strengthen the innovation drive, break through core technology and key equipment in the development of new materials, increase the new material's capacity for independent innovation.To highlight key development, speed up the development of high technological content, good industrial base, large market potential, the key to the new material.?The head said, according to the planning, special metal new material industry will focus on developing advanced functional materials, high-end metal structure materials, polymer materials, a new type http://re.vu/xrdcarbon of inorganic non-metallic materials, re.vu/xrdcarbon the latest high performance composite materials and new materials.A