heilongjiang province paved for fast

people's government of the plate and the investor on behalf of the contract.Among them, with a total investment of 30 million yuan of high purity graphite powder project main production of high purity graphite powder 99.999%, annual output can reach 40 million yuan, after the production can produce tax 1.5 million yuan of above. On May 11, 17 points and 11 J40613 train carrying 486 tons of graphite from west MaShan station.Since the beginning graphite machining of the year, the station has to wuxi south, BaYuJuan port, carrying 20000 tons of graphite, in order to http://www.pjyst.com.cn/bbs/boke.asp?xrdcarbon.showtopic.138205.html speed up the development of graphite industry in graphite manufacturers heilongjiang province paved for fast and efficient unimpeded.Graphite, is the military industry and modern industry and the indispensable important raw material in high china graphite and new technology development.Graphite resources in heilongjiang province, jixi, Laura north graphite resources reserves of 928 million tons.Due to the poor transportation, graphite industry in heilongjiang province has been in a "in buxuriant could" state.In recent years, heilongjiang province, proposed the building of "graphite" slogan, efforts to build up the graphite industry superior industry.Let graphite graphite sales enterprises no longer silent, Harbin railway bureau for transportation security.They will be located in jixi group of Mr Yu graphite as the provincial key protection grade A large transportation enterprise, regular communication, to provide policy support, to fully meet the demand of its capacity.Jixi train operation depot marketers active investigation visit, understand the production situation in graphite and transport demand, strive for high quality options, do priority in transport.The graphite loading process easy to produce bags 20150907xrd of damage and pollution, this section completes the loading of human organization, strengthen the education and management, handling personnel do take put down light, efforts to provide the omni-directional high-quality service for the enterprise, the implementation way enterprise mutual win-win.Today, capacity of railway fast and high quality, prompt became our graphite products in heilongjiang province, production, processing and distribution center.Mr Yu group in graphite production and WaiYunLiang reached 150000 tons, has become a rhi, baosteel, shougang, angang, big lookuppage.com/users/xrdcarbon/ companies such as wuhan, suha partners, products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc. More than 80 countries and regions. A few days ago, li chang new materials co., LTD in dalian lithium ion power and graphite suppliers energy storage battery materials held in first phase of the project completion ceremony.JingRui vice secretary of municipal party committee, standing committee, deputy director of the sun world super, vice chairman of the CPPCC, Ma Shixia HuaYuanKou economic zone working committee secretary, director of board and cut the ribbon to congratulate.It is understood http://www.ktga.gov.cn/bbs/boke.asp?xrdcarbon.showtopic.32350.html that http://www.lookuppage.com/users/xrdcarbon/ the first phase of a total of six production lines, production can realize annual sales income 1.5 billion yuan, profit tax of 200 million yuan.The seco