joint monomer weighing

cs of pure graphene instructions" china graphite soft mode "and there is a direct link "20150909xrd" between hardness. With the rising popularity of nanotechnology, scientists could by means of stress tests on mechanical properties of the pure graphene graphite machining for more comprehensive research." Developed by lanzhou large carbon company?800 mm ordinary graphite electrode has been successful.More than the single electrode ontology weighs 2000 kg, joint monomer weighing 120 kg or more, for the "big MAC" in the same kind of graphite electrode.Have learned, at the beginning of this year, lanzhou party big carbon company should customer requirements, set up?800 mm ordinary electrode development project team, scientific research personnel based graphite price on the user type furnace and use requirements, careful design technology route, has successfully developed four batches?And second batch of 800 mm electrode ontology matching connector products, the furnace use effect is good.At present, this batch of?800 graphite sales mm "big graphite material suppliers MAC" somewhat great power graphite electrode in -arc furnace smelting. Hebei specialized day bearing graphite products co., LTD., market-oriented, has developed the users are in urgent need of a new type of water jacket type graphite hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace, triad synthesis furnace and graphite falling-film absorber series graphite equipment such as new varieties, make new varieties has reached 12 categories of more than 160 specifications, and energy efficient and environmentally friendly products accounted for more than 70%, can meet the needs of different users. Has learned, the eu anti-dumping investigations into the graphite electrode products in China, the filing time may be around December 18, involved in products will cover more scale graphite electrode products, directly involved in several main enterprise, affect the employment of 80000 to 90000 people.China mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce director of legal services hui-juan liu to the economic information daily, reporter, said that this is a global chain case, several countries follow each other, competing for anti-dumping investigations into all kinds of graphite electrodes in China, from the external environment, deal graphite suppliers with the difficulty is very big.We have learned, since 1998, India, the United States, Brazil, Mexico were launched anti-dumping investigation of graphite electrode products.It is reported, China mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce has enterprise early warning meeting held on 10, emergency, group enterprises to discuss coping strategies. Hefei material science research institute of Chinese academy of sciences in solid new topology structure based on graphene research progress.The researchers put a tape rotating 180 DHS, then put together on both ends of the tape, graphite manufacturers they can easily get a mobius strip.Mobius strip is only has a surface and a special topology boundary.Based on its special topological properties, the mobius strip has important applications in industry and art, for example, b