the preparation of graphene with new properties

al has the insulation performance of the graphene derivatives - graphite alkanes.This method applies to the preparation of other thin materials based on graphene, these new ultra-thin materials with different conductivity.Related research results published January 30 in the journal science.From the graphene to graphite alkanesResearchers in graphene unique hexagonal lattice structure and thickness of the single atom, on each carbon atom have increased a hydrogen atom, the preparation of graphene with new properties by derivatives - graphite alkanes.Researchers said, although the chemical properties of pure graphene is very stable, but they found that hydrogen atoms can react with, highly conductive graphene materials into insulating properties of graphite alkanes new materials.The experiment proved that can change the performance of graphene by chemical methods, for the preparation of other chemical derivatives based on graphene paved the way.Coase and stuffed, d lowe said: "the graphene is a kind of excellent conductors, can be widely used in many electronic devices, if a chemical methods according to the needs of the people can control its electronic properties, it will be more attractive prospect of application. Our work has proved the feasibility of this method, already open the sluice gates of manufacturing graphene chemical derivatives, which will further widen the application space of graphene."??New type of semiconductor materials will be availableAndre geim and coase's novy plug lowe, who in the preparation of graphene for the first time in 2004.Pure graphene is a kind of only one atom thick crystals, with ultrathin (an atom thick), super strong and super conductive performance (electronic pass rate reached almost 100%) features, in 2004 by Andre geim and coase's successful development, arcelor dimensions and published for the first time, after the graphene immediately become a hot research topic in the field of material science and physics, the scientific community that graphene is likely to replace silicon as the future of the semiconductor material, has the very broad application prospects.And the use of graphene is made of graphite alkanes, a new breakthrough is again expanding people's imagination.Graphene unique electronic properties enabled the researchers to develop new materials, produce the size smaller and faster transistors.However, due to the lack of electron energy spectrum can gap, scientists were forced to use for this complex structure based on graphene.And the university of Manchester researchers by pure graphene exposure to atomic hydrogen produced high quality graphite crystals of this method reveals can be based on graphene to create many other ultrathin crystal materials.In 2008, researchers have been based on graphene developed unique electronic properties compared with traditional silicon, a smaller, faster graphene transistors.However, in order to make up the defects of energy in the electronic spectra, the scientists had to use a rather complex based on graphene structure such as qu