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bo material technology and engineering research institute, Chinese academy of sciences of the latest research results show that the industrial applications of graphene is expected to take the lead in implementation in the field of power lithium ion battery.Of the power lithium battery technology research team leader zhao-ping liu researcher said that the lithium iron phosphate cathode material is the key to the graphite price future electric vehicle power battery material, but its production technology has been to the United graphite material suppliers States and Canada patent monopoly, China continues to do so and they now legal representation."In the first round of the case. China won if "20150915xrd" they win, every tons of lithium iron phosphate production of 10000 yuan for the patent, this to our electric car industry will be a big blow."Zhao-ping liu said: graphite suppliers "we start graphene research since 2008, through the graphene and the fusion of the lithium iron phosphate, improve the china graphite performance of the power lithium batteries, the patent barriers around them."Zhao-ping liu believes that graphene in the field of power lithium battery has the following two important application direction, and is likely to be a major breakthrough in a short time.One direction is graphene composite electrode materials.Graphene with its excellent conductivity can improve the electrical conductivity of electrode material, and then improve the charge and discharge performance;At the same time, the graphene "flexible" 2 d layer structure and can effectively restrain the electrode graphite manufacturers material in the process of charging and discharging material pulverization caused by volume changes, and enhance the conductive contact between the fluid graphite sales and set.Therefore, graphene modified can improve numerous electrochemical performance of lithium battery anode materials are, lithium iron phosphate/graphene composite cathode material is a good graphite machining example.Another is the application prospect of the development direction of graphene is used as power lithium batteries conductive additives.Preliminary results show that after jo