the company subsidiary bei

25.43 yuan before (after), become the leader in the graphene related stocks deserved.A brokerage analyst to accept the first financial daily "financial" reporter said in an interview: "at that time is due to the inventor of the graphene won a Nobel Prize, graphene started to graphite price heat up."Had been popular is due to focus on the market, the company subsidiary bei, published on the website "has nearly 268 million tons of reserves, suitable for lithium ion graphite sales secondary battery using high grade graphite mineral resources".Graphite ore is upstream of graphene industry, the company let nature take its course to sit for the position of bibcock of graphene.On March 15, however, the company of a clarification announcement, changed China baoan share price movements.Company "20150917xrd" said that its heilongjiang baoan new energy investment co., LTD business basically at graphite suppliers a standstill, there is no mineral resources.This not only means that Mr Terry "lied", also makes China baoan graphene aura burst graphite material suppliers on the head.Announcement after China baoan graphite machining gradually weakening, prices also appeared a huge change in his attitude of brokerage and brokers before every month a few articles about China baoan research reports, real-time tracking.And after a few months down almost no brokerage issued a research report."If you interview me the content of the news publishing, I deny the graphite manufacturers content of the said before, what do you think?"One stop tracking the analyst, said to reporters.In fact, the company still has graphite ore resources, only less than previous forecasts.Mid-april according to company's announcement, the current in jixi china graphite liumao graphite ore resources have been identified as jixi liumao lang ditch ore block and the liumao station ore block, the ore block has a mining license prior to family for groove ore mining certificate is being dealt with.According to the institute of heilongjiang province mineral resources geology first survey 1983 geological exploration report, the above two ore block of graphite ore reserves of 70 million tons.Currently estimated at