become a large-scale development

century, carbon graphite sales materials, china graphite for example, carbon materials has become a large-scale development and application of the world's first choice of high performance materials.The traditional carbon materials are synthetic diamond and high-temperature resistance of graphite materials, and new century's most notable carbon new material is carbon fiber composite materials and graphene materials.Carbon fiber has high strength, high modulus, low density, high temperature resistant, resist fatigue, conducting qualitative light, easy processing and so on a variety of excellent performance, is gradually replacing traditional materials, widely used in aerospace and military fields, and began to go deep into all aspects of the national economy and people's livelihood.?"Carbon fiber composite materials belong to high-end applications, on behalf of a country's overall level of science and technology and the industrialization level, is the most important application in the field of aerospace and other high-end, at least 20 to 30 years in the development of space."Tang Jianmao said that if the carbon fiber composite material used in aircraft manufacturing, will be better than aluminum alloy weight loss of 20% to "20150922xrd" 40%, now reflects the significant benefits in terms of energy saving.At present, the Boeing 787 aircraft has 50% of the application of carbon fiber composite materials, 62% of airbus aircraft materials and carbon fiber composite materials to be used.?Downstream of the universality graphite suppliers of the new material industry, automobile, aviation equipment, communication equipment, household appliances, IT, real estate, transportation, urban construction, and many other fields in IT, and these areas are now at high speed development period, also huge demand for new materials."At present, China's new materials industry is in a strong stage of development, new materials industry accounts for about 30% of gross domestic product, the annual growth rate is expected to remain above 20% and broad development space."China industry cluster dean BaoY