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ility increase greatly.From the industry background, both offering investment project have obvious import substitution effect, and belongs to the field of new materials in strategic emerging industries.Special graphite as possess many excellent properties of basic material, is widely used in semiconductor, solar photovoltaic, edm and mould processing, nuclear power, metallurgy, aerospace, and "20150924xrd" many other fields, the current domestic special graphite market supply, especially in the more than 600 mm diameter, particle size under 10 microns of high-end products mainly rely on graphite manufacturers foreign imports.In the future, the special graphite market demand will increase fast, especially the large size, fine-grained special graphite will graphite suppliers have good market prospects.And the high quality needle coke is the main raw http://xrdcarbon.pressfolios.com/ materials, ultra high power graphite electrode at present our country is still mainly rely on import, high cost and the supply is not stable, not only seriously restricts the domestic production of ultra high power graphite electrode, has also led to the steel industry was forced to bear the cost of higher procurement from abroad large proportion of uhp graphite electrodes.In the future, the proportion of electric steel iron and steel industry in China will gradually increase, especially large high power steelmaking furnace will xrdcarbon.pressfolios.com significantly increase, the demand for ultra high power graphite electrode is expected http://www.webnewswire.com/content/new-energy-vehicles-operation to rapid growth, china graphite the corresponding demand for high quality needle coke will also continue to increase.In addition, the company believes investment needle coke project also helps to solve their own raw material supply bottlenecks.At present, the company http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_14f9feaa20102w8wx.html each year to nearly 100000 tons, the demand for needle coke due to supply is unstable, restricted the company ultra high power graphite electrode production, also directly affect the profitability.According to introducing, 30000 tons/year special graphite manufacturing and processing projects settled in chengdu, sichuan province, the company is a wholly owned subsidi