new energy materials company investment

phite industrial park surrounded by a variable is the heilongjiang electric power company to implement the focus of the power grid planning project, the period of "11th five-year plan" put into operation in November 2008.The substation 110 kv ring YunJia graphite suppliers b line double circuit transmission to 110 kv Laura north yunshan change, change from yunshan with the article 7 of 10 kv line supply graphite industrial park, and in the later spent nearly 40 million yuan in succession to upgrade the power supply facilities, always ensure that graphite industrial park power supply "20150928xrd" requirements.The hegang newly introduced shenzhen baoan group's Mr Terry graphite machining graphite deep processing project for the construction of new energy materials company investment, mainly on anode materials for lithium ion battery production line, graphite recarburizer production line and ancillary facilities.In October 2011, completed the first phase of investment in fixed assets of 80 million yuan, all projects completed and put into operation in October 2013.On this basis, china graphite the company will invest 1.5 billion yuan, create world-class graphite deep processing base in the region.Laura north of the south China sea by China resources development group graphite project investment of 120 million yuan, after the completion of annual capacity of 10000 tons of spherical graphite, special graphite alloy increased 30000 tons of carbon agent.Is expected in October 2011 the moon shape graphite deep processing project completed and put into production.With graphite city "" China speed up the pace of construction, especially in shenzhen baoan and Laura north of the south China sea two starts and put into production, deep processing of hegang power continuously strengthen the power of" China graphite city "capacity building.Currently in 110 kv yunshan of hegang power, on the basis of the original power supply, the increase of article 7 of 10 kv line will be completed in the near future, then from 14 "power artery" rolling of powerful power will continue to supply the demand of