used in the manufacture of satellites

the graphene, China baoan "sit" on the drop list first.?Nobel Prize out of the "carbon" aristocratIf it is not a Nobel Prize, maybe they don't think about, we usually in graphite machining services pencils, "live" graphene such bright "star".For most people, the graphene may not be familiar with.Last year's Nobel Prize in physics are awarded to the two British physicist of graphene, make its reputation.?The royal Swedish academy of sciences said that graphene will promote the research of new materials, and sparked a new revolution in electronic products.Because it's basically a transparent, and has excellent electrical conductivity, graphene is transparent for the production of touch screen, light display, or solar cells.As a new kind of "super material", graphene can be used in the manufacture of satellites, airplanes, cars, and applied to the super computer research and development.Have scientists predict that graphene can take the place of the existing material silicon transistor, the computer run faster.?However, this is all scientific vision of graphene.?For China baoan in graphene products, the researcher thinks, China baoan is the earliest in the listed companies to disclose graphite material suppliers the graphene related information, it also shows that the company have confidence in this "20151006xrd" area, but the current downstream market has not yet been launched, so the company's current actions tend to through the research into a head.?Many researchers believe that graphene research and development prospects, but at the moment the graphene is limited to scientific research and application of short term is difficult to form large-scale industry, production, sales in the future is china graphite for sale full of uncertainties, the xrd graphite manufacturing need to have a long road of scientific research to go.This will also destined to graphene stocks hype unsustainable.?China baoan people at the meeting said that the graphene is a frontier of materials, the current research and development in the pilot phase, from research to production still needs a lot of time, particularly for the downstream market driven and carri