the department of energy's oak ridge

ture graphite material suppliers is the electronic transmission speed, also has the very high chemical stability and thermal stability, and is expected to replace silicon is widely used in electronic product manufacturing process.Southwest university of science and technology of materials science and engineering college, experts say, based on graphene circuit until after 2025 May appear, before this silicon circuits will be dominant, but the outlook graphite machining services is optimistic, because the edge of the graphene piece size there is no limit to the basic.Expert says, in just 10 years ago, the length of the carbon nanotubes for less than 1 micron, can now be made out of a few centimeters long nanotubes.Predictably, the same result will also appear on the graphene. A few days ago, the department of energy's oak ridge national laboratory (ORNL) researchers have invented a process called graphite foaming technology.Because the expanded graphite has good heat dissipation, relative density, low quality, and production cost is not high, the market prospects look good.According to introducing, the use of this technology can obtain graphite foam.This material has good heat "20151012xrd" resistance, can be used for cooling led lights, which can effectively control the heat, so as to extend the life.In addition, the technology can also be used in construction, air conditioning equipment china graphite and automotive and other industries.Application of expanded graphite material made of automobile engine piston, cylinder block, etc., quality is light, compared with metallic materials can reduce 40% quality, good heat dissipation, which can effectively increase engine power output, improve work efficiency. On September 13 - Hong Kong media reported that the Russian aluminum (486) announced that the company indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary party (prices, information, comments) TH on September 10 and Energoprom Management (seller) to conclude the two contracts.Which, according to the graphitized carbon product purchase agreement, party TH at up to 216.9 million roubles ($7.45 million), to buy