china graphite of the downstream xinghe

ber 2005, Inner Mongolia autonomous region of taking article "about issued 2005 annual project plan descriptions of the geological relics and mine geological environment governance notice (inside the word [2005] no. 852), selected and selected deposition in the history china graphite of the downstream xinghe county graphite mine backfilling materials in farmland recovery management.Graphite mining area geological environment restoration, the government project implementation to improve the regional enterprises and the production and living of the masses will have important environmental benefits, social benefits and economic effect La shan left flag yan latour exploration areas since the geological exploration work, geological remarkable achievements.By the end of September 2009, found that the graphite ore body thickness is more than 66 metres, fixed carbon highest grade is 8.65%, the average grade of 4.68%, capacity of 42 million tons, graphite ore prospecting prediction capacity of 2.1 million tons, mineral prospect resource in more than 100 million tons, is expected to be a large crystal graphite ore deposit.Found kaolin mining, control the length of 500 meters, the thickness of about 20 meters, the exploration that kaolin ore resource in more than 100 tons.??In 2005, a la shan au your mountain mining limited liability company to entrust eighth of geology and mineral resources exploration development, Inner Mongolia autonomous region in a la shan left flag yan to latour region of iron, manganese, graphite, kaolin mining "20151019xrd" geological exploration.In recent years, through graphite supplier unremitting efforts, in 2008 started to iron ore geological china graphite supplier detailed investigation work, found in the deep drilling in 2009 a graphite mineralization clues, found in the work area at the same time accompanying kaolin ore, the ore can do China clay raw materials, and have got the approval of ningxia ceramic tile manufacturers. Sponsored by the American chemical society "Nano Letters" the authority of the nanomaterials science magazine recently published th