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put of 2500 tons of isostatic pressing graphite superfine structure project smoothly passed through the district environmental protection bureau environmental protection completion inspection and acceptance of the organization.Roland graphite project with a total investment of $30 million, construction began in March 2006, in May china graphite 2008, after debugging normal formal china graphite supplier application completion inspection and acceptance of environmental protection, environmental protection in chongqing online public "20151026xrd" five days without objection, the district environmental protection bureau recently issued formal approval of completion inspection and acceptance of environmental protection. On June 10, the world's largest carbon graphite graphite suppliers and related materials suppliers to west Germany in group and shanxi institute of coal chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences scholarship research assistant formally signed cooperation agreement.According to the agreement, the west in the group paid a year to reward the shanxi MeiHuaSuo six excellent doctoral and master's, and support of shanxi MeiHuaSuo recommended three research projects related to carbon graphite material.Shanxi MeiHuaSuo, Chinese academy of sciences, key laboratory of carbon materials as one of the earliest institutions engaged in research and development of new carbon materials in China, has been in the domestic high performance carbon fibers and carbon matrix composites, porous carbonaceous materials and the basic research and application development of nano carbon materials play an important role.Both sides hope that through the establishment of the scholarship research assistant gold, give full play to the advantages of cooperation by enterprises, support for training professional talents, accelerate the innovation of new carbon materials research and development together. Stanford university chemistry professor hongjie dai graphite nanobelts and research leadership team, the first to prove it can be used as a semiconductor material plan.News agency on May 29 According to the