development molded graphite suppliers

letion "">high quality molded of the project, which can realize an annual output value 25 million yuan, the profit is 3 million yuan, tax 1.2 million yuan.Method of cooperation: joint ventures or cooperative joint venture for 25 years.Our investment of 12.7 million yuan, accounting for 51%;The foreign investment of 12.3 million yuan, accounting for 49%. The project content: the quality of "20151029xrd" graphite is the preparation of high performance lithium ion battery electrode materials, but as the electrode material of graphite powder should have narrow particle size distribution, the density of Gao Zhenshi and achieved through surface cladding processing charge and discharge performance.Tsinghua university carbon material laboratory graphite and powder engineering laboratory at the national ministry of science and technology action plan with the support of the western science and technology, research and development molded graphite suppliers of high performance lithium ion battery with the preparation technology of compound graphite powder, and through identification of acceptance, reached the international advanced level.This project by natural graphite as raw materials, processing process by crushing, grading, plastic, surface coating, etc, all equipment localization.Market analysis forecast: import lithium ion battery sale.html"> anode materials are using spherical fossil ink, Japan, South Korea and other related enterprises are gradually in China for supply of goods.Lithium ion battery is mainly used for electric bicycles, electric cars, mobile phones, portable audio-visual equipment, etc.Our country is graphite production country, molded graphite abundant reserves and resources, improve the added value, replace imported has very important significance.Total investment: tsinghua university and cooperation enterprises jointly developed graphite plastic machine as well as single machine production, can also be used with grading unit into a system for continuous operation, low power consumption, industrial production has been proved that the production of spherical graphite powder performance <a href=" is good, h